2020's Top 5 Korean Skincare Products for Men

The Korean skincare Industry is rapidly growing worldwide, with amazing products now available online. This trend is so massive that even men are gaining interest and products are being made more readily available tailored to men's needs and designed just for them. Many can be hard to come across in the US, but thanks to online sales, more are slowly becoming available as the demand grows. Here are our Top 5 product picks for Korean skincare for men in 2020 and some tips and ideas you can get from Korean men's skincare:

1. Charmzone Albatross: Moisture Fluid

The Albatross aftershave toner and moisture fluid products are good quality Korean skincare products for men at a mid price range. Moisturizer fluid is applied to a freshly washed face after toning with after-shave toner.


Their Moisture Fluid product:

  • Helps skin retain needed moisture and soothes skin after shaving
  • Firms up the skin while tightening pores
  • Is good to remedy skin looseness and roughness
  • Includes coenzyme Q10; nano sized ingredients pierce the cells and tone the skin while lifting up drooping skin
  • Combines milk lotion and essence to hydrate, keeping the skin youthful with a lifting function

2. Black Monster: All-In-One Day and Night

Black Monster brand Korean skincare for men is a hot trend in Korea. They are excellent at making beauty cosmetics such as subtle lip tint or eyebrow color for men. A frontier brand in Korea, it is paving the way for Korean men’s subtle makeup and grooming techniques that are good for the skin.

Black Monster’s All-In-One Day and Night cream:

  • Tones up the skin naturally, brightening and anti-aging at the same time. Most of all, it’s good to use without all the complicated products and acts great alone
  • Has 5 Good natural ingredients chosen for optimum hydrating and soothing
  • Includes SPF50+ PA+++ sunscreen protection function
  • Incorporates toner+lotion and essence without causing a greasy look
  • Is sold at a very reasonable price and even includes the day & night and sunscreen function

3. Etude House: Modern Homme Multi-Caring Emulsion

Etude House is a very famous affordable-price-point beauty brand in the Korean skincare realm and is helping advance men’s skincare as well. Their Korean skincare for men products can be bought via the Etude House website, which is English-speaker friendly.

Their Modern Homme Multi-Caring Emulsion is a 5-in-1 multicare product:

  • Helps with wrinkles, brightens, and improves skin’s elasticity while reducing sebum
  • Includes hyaluronic acid and panthenol, which helps in soothing up dried out and flaky skin
  • Contains a corn mint leaf extract ingredient that can be great to care for oily skin troubles
  • Lifts up the skin using a panax ginseng root water ingredient

4.Odyssey: Black Emulsion

Odyssey’s products are manufactured at Amore Pacific, one of Korea’s top manufacturers. Odyssey is an affordable but high quality Korean skincare brand for men that makes a product called Black Emulsion. It is used as an aftershave or after cleansing to soften and soothe skin.

Black Emulsion:

  • Has strong and reliable anti-aging properties
  • Never leaves your face greasy
  • Leaves the skin abundantly moisturized
  • Soothes irritated skin and razor burn
  • Sophisticated and unique scent; Citrus Woody Spicy is popular with many men

5. Boldnine: Energy On Your Face

Using Korea’s best manufacturing company, Boldnine products are introducing Korean skincare for men to the US in a more easily available platform by selling on US Amazon with a good price.

Boldnine’s moisturizer Energy On Your Face:

  • Helps pump the skin with needed moisture and improves complexion without shininess or the use of perfumes
  • Livens and awakens tired skin for healthier appearance
  • Freshens and revives the complexion using Vitamin C, affecting skin’s chemistry and overall condition
  • Helps even out skin tone and brightens complexion that is dulled or tired
  • Is hydrating and nourishing using camellia oil for rough and dried out skin
  • Feels light without leaving greasy residue behind

But why should you be paying attention to these Korean skincare for men trends and trying out these products? Why are Korean men so interested in skincare and improving their appearances? What kinds of innovative products and tips can we learn from Korean skincare trends for men?

Koreans Always Put Their Best Face Forward

Korean skincare for men began with a long history of Korean culture’s tradition of respecting the face as the central outward representation of the self. To Koreans, one’s face represents competitiveness, beauty, elevation, and even one’s fate. A common theme in Korean history, saving face in any situation is of the utmost importance. The focus of one’s gaze when meeting a new person is also-you guessed it-the face. So it’s not all too surprising that even in history, Korean men have been somewhat open to the use of skincare and even makeup.

The Hwarang warriors used makeup in ancient times to show resolve and appear beautiful and fierce even though they were deadly and powerful as well as well educated. In modern times, Korean men were mainly introduced to skincare by their girlfriends and Korean skincare for men was popularized to attract girls and even to get jobs because looking healthy is associated with success. Appearing more youthful and energetic represents strength in life, so skin care is a survival tactic to Koreans. Korean skincare for men is comparable to going to the gym as a form of self-improvement and an attractive thing to do.

Unique Methods and Tips

In comparison to American-style products, Korean skincare for men is centered around prevention-based effort. Rather than the method of waiting for the problem to appear and then focusing on a solution, or cure-based strategy, Korean skincare for men is ahead of the problem and builds fantastic skin from the inside out right from the get-go.

It may include many steps and seem like a marketing gimmick to start wrinkle care in your 20’s or to use acne prevention cleansers if your skin is currently clear, in actuality getting ahead of these issues can be far more effective than hurrying to solve it after the wrinkles deepen or after the pimple is already rearing its angry head.

The growing popularity of the 10-step skincare process is certainly notable. The 10-step skincare solution is about layering products or using different products to balance out your skins different needs on different days. Layering several products, finishing with moisturizer, helps each ingredient absorb one at a time and therefore helps each thing become more effective and lets your skin drink it all in to the fullest.

Another interesting trick that Koreans use to help the absorption of their products is to pay close attention to how the products are applied. Sometimes it’s not about what product you use, but how you use it that can make all the difference. Rather than always swiping it on lazily in random patterns, they are sensitive to the fact that different products have different needs. Cleansers need sufficient circular motions that are gentle and slow so as to fully cleanse the impurities away, but not irritate or cause redness by over-scrubbing. With other products like moisturizers and toners, some involve patting and lightly dabbing rather than wiping into the skin. Korean style skincare for men is about paying attention to how your skin feels when you use skincare and being as gentle as possible to maintain smooth texture and never irritate your skin, which can be a danger of using a lot of products.

Korean Skincare Steps (10)

 Korean Male is putting Korean Skincare moisturizer on his face with his hand.

The 10-step skincare routine includes starting with ..

  1. An oil-based cleanser to gently clear away impurities
  2. Then a foam cleanser to clear dirt.
  3. Next, an exfoliating product is used to get rid of dried skin and any dirt trapped underneath it.
  4. Toner is applied to prepare the skin for the next steps.
  5. Essence primes the skin and balances after cleansing and toning
  6. Serum is highly concentrated to serve a specific targeted function
  7. Masks for nutrient absorption.
  8. To keep the eyes youthful and lively, eye cream is applied next.
  9. The most important step, moisturizer, is used over the whole face to trap in all the nutrients and moisture.
  10. And finally sunscreen is applied to protect skin. Koreans are very careful about sun exposure, which may be one of their secrets to magically looking like teenagers through their 40’s and 50’s.

The best Korean moisturizers for dry skin and wrinkle prevention, as mentioned above, are also to be thanked. They have been world renowned as the most effective and high quality, using best ingredients like vitamin c, camellia oil, and sea kelp. Trying out a Korean moisturizer for men is never a bad idea.

Korean Skincare Unique Products

 Korean man is putting white Korean face mask on his face using two hands

Some special products, like the nutrient-packed face masks mentioned above, are a face-shaped sheet with holes for the eyes, nose and lips that is placed on the face for about 10 to 15 minutes. They make you look like a scary horror movie ghost while they let the nutrients seep into your skin and are used about once a week to really boost skin’s appearance. The remaining product that is floating over the skin when the mask is removed is patted gently with your hands to help it absorb fully.

Other odd products that Koreans use as part of the Korean skincare for men movement are acne patches, small round patches that are placed over a pimple instead of popping it. They then wear it out in public until the pimple is gone and it falls off. Snail slime is just one of the odd trendy ingredients that are popular for wrinkle care.

You may be wondering who on earth has this much time on their hands? The 10-step process is super time-consuming and probably laughable to the average American male because it seems like overkill. But Koreans are notorious for overworking themselves and trying to get done as much as possible and working overtime almost daily. So how do they do all this skincare besides? Luckily, the explosive industry that promotes Korean Skincare for Men is groundbreaking in its creation of hybrid and unique products that are slowly being recognized by the rest of the world. Hybrid products combine steps to improve efficiency. Skipcare, a new trend in Korean skincare, emphasizes that using higher quality products that are right for you skin and your skin’s needs that particular day are what you should really be focusing on.

All in all, the most important takeaway is to cater your skincare to your own skin’s needs and your time constraints.


Katerina Tsatsomeros, PR manager


This is a really great article! It was very helpful and informative. As an American male, I think we should adopt the Korean skincare methods too.

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