5 ways to relax when you work from home: Life at home

What if you want to be more efficient at the end of the day?

Boldnine blog : the place where people are working from home due to the global pandemic

All over the world, people are working from home due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, including Americans. Working from home can give you a higher chance of getting burned out. This is because people have a hard time combining their living space and their work environment. This leads to people being less relaxed overall. According to a survey conducted by Monster.com. 51 percent of respondents admitted to experiencing burnout while working from home. For example, They said, “ I don't feel like I'm resting at home because I'm working from home.” Or “After work, how can I start to rest more efficiently?

One man is sleeping on his bed after working from home.

Because of this, we found five products that will help you work and rest more efficiently.

Home speakers, Bluetooth speaker

Having music in the background while you are doing your work will make it a more pleasuring experience. You can turn your house or office into a jazz bar with a Loud stereo.

Marshall’s speakers are one of the Best Bluetooth speakers on the market because of their HD sound. Great speakers aren’t made overnight. Over 50 years of sound and design expertise has been distilled into each and every Marshall speaker, bringing that big stage presence home for your listening enjoyment.

Boldnine blog : Marshall's speakers, the best bluetooth speakers on the Amazon

Bluetooth speaker marshall

Time to sleep! Let's set the alarm for tomorrow on the all in one clock

Smart clock

Do you have an alarm clock in your bedroom? How about a charger? a Bluetooth speaker?

Let us introduce an all-in-one clock. Making your life more smart and minimalistic. Why get three different products when you can get one with all the same functionalities? This product has an alarm, charger, and a Bluetooth speaker all in one. Therefore, If you have this bedroom clock, you can live a more convenient life.

Boldnine blog : All in one clock that makes your life more smart and minimalistic.
Boldnine blog : Alarm clock & Digital clock are on the desk

Alarm clock & Digital clock

Increase your work efficiency at home through regular sleep.


A LED night light will help you wake up and sleep more regularly which will result in better sleeping habits. Personalize your sleep-wake routine to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up more refreshed. Being an adult or even a child, getting regular sleep is one of the best habits you can develop. Try to invest in a LED night light for adults. This product can connect with your smartphone (IOS and Android). With Night lights you can start a better life compared to yesterday.

Boldnine blog : Bodeepsleep nightlights can help you wake up and sleep more regularly



Smart Hub so, You can get at smart life

Smart home hub

If you're looking for a more advanced and convenient product other than a light switch then this is a product for you. A smart hub is a smart home device for your smart life. With this product, you can operate your lighting in and outside your house automatically. Setting up a sleeping timer is piece of cake as well.

Boldnine blog : Smart home hub can operate your lighting in and outside your house automatically.

smart hub

Automatically clean your room, and save your well-deserved breaks./b>

Robotic vacuum cleaner

After finishing work, You don't want chores to get in the way of your well-deserved breaks. Cleaning your home by hand can be quite a long process. The automatic vacuum cleaner robot are getting more and more accessible. They can do the vacuuming and mop for you. ( vacuum mop all in one ) The most recent robot vacuums are 2-in-1 and do the vacuuming and mopping with just one robot. Just set it up and let it run on a timer of whenever you want. Even while working your robot will handle the dirty work while you can invest more time in yourself.

Boldnine blog : Robotic vacuum cleaner can have two functions ; vacuuming and mopping

Robotic vacuum cleaner


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