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Do you want to have a healthy lifestyle?

Our healthy lifestyle recommendation is eating healthy foods, exercising, and caring for our immune systems.

As Covid-19 has driven us to focus on our health, we have recognized the real importance of eating foods that fuel us in the right ways, exercising, and caring for our immune systems. According to the CDC, Covid-19 risks worsen with obesity so it is important to consider our body fat percentages and maintain or improve our lifestyles. Whether to reduce stress, build strength, or simply maintain our routines, exercise at home has become a necessity. Not only that, but we have recognized how precious our sleep rhythms are and how much they help our overall physical and mental health. With a little attention to our well-being, we can make a difference to our energy, productivity, resistance to viruses, and even emotional state. 

Eat well | Good nutrition and food are the way that we gain muscle and balance healthy fats. 

The first step for a health lifestyle is eating well because Good nutrition foods are the way that we gain energy.

The first and most imminent consideration to our health is how we fuel our bodies. The effect our food has on our energy levels is hard to ignore, and with proper nutrition, we can build muscle, sustain our energy levels, and fuel our brains to function at their best. Reducing foods that give us temporary, short-term pleasure and instead turning to more lasting nutrition can help us gain more muscle and reduce fat percentages. By improving our overall body composition, we become healthier. 

 Healthy diet

If you are struggling with your weight or you want to turn to a healthy lifestyle that will help you build muscle, you will want to consider your calorie intake and ensure that your nutrition is in balance. Paying attention to protein, fat, carbohydrate, sugar, and vitamin contents of your foods can be complicated, but vital, and there are many different nutrition methods that you may want to try out to help you stay on track.

You could try calorie counting; although it can be difficult, there are many applications can help you keep track and gain a deeper understanding of the foods you are eating.

Eating a set number of calories can also give you freedom to still eat the foods you love, but with a better understanding of portions and their caloric makeup.

Beyond portion control, you could begin to pay attention to the make-up and composition of your food intake; for example with a vegetarian, vegan or keto diet. You could even simply just focus on becoming more mindful of what you eat. 

No matter what you decide to try out, it is important to be mindful and recognize food not just as a means of sustenance, but as a way to take care of your body and health. By considering your nutrition carefully, you can help improve your body composition, raise your energy levels, and stay functioning at your best.

Healthy foods

How do we decide which foods to prioritize and seek out? What defines a healthy food? How do we define what it means to eat well or know we are intaking the proper nutrients? Eating healthful food full of protein, vitamins, and other nutrients is an important consideration. Finding the right methods for us can often represent a difficult task.

In considering meal plans, fueling your body and setting it up to have the right kind of energy is ideal. Eating the right nutrients can help you to go above and beyond, and can facilitate your body's fat percentages to improve, ultimately building the lifestyle you desire.

Why do you need to exercise? 

A major part of a healthy lifestyle is finding the right workout/exercise plan and creating a positive energy cycle, eventually reaching a point where you are able to incorporate exercise as a normal part of your everyday routine. Exercising can add years to your life, improve your spirits, and help to create the body you have always dreamed of. Even at home and without equipment, bodyweight workouts build muscle and improve body composition, a trend which is gaining a lot of recognition as of late because people recognize the importance of maintaining their physical health and activity levels.

Exercise can also help you maintain your circadian rhythm (otherwise known as a “sleep cycle”) in sync and can improve the quality of your sleep as well as your ability to fall asleep faster. Regular exercise can even reduce risk of stroke, lower high blood pressure, help with anxiety and depression, reduce injury, lengthen your lifespan, improve overall brain functions, help prevent certain forms of cancer, and generally improve one’s physical capabilities. 

The more in-shape you become, the more exercise will feel like an exhilarating and enjoyable part of your day!

Why do you need a home workout plan? How do you create one?

Now more than ever, creating a home workout plan is important, and can also be an enjoyable pursuit. Building a routine and finding workouts to do at home is the first step to making major changes and improving your physical health and boosting your energy, as well as getting into and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that goes beyond a fad or a temporary phase. 

The second step is the workout, if you want to focus on a home workout, a workout plan is an answer.

Small changes, planned growth, and realistic goals can help you be honest with yourself and keep from burning out and giving up too quickly. 

When creating home workout plans, it can help to create a spreadsheet where you begin to plan out the most convenient times where you are most likely to succeed in meeting your exercise goals. Considering the time of day in which you feel most energetic and optimistic, whether you're a night owl or a morning person, and keeping in mind when you can work around your social life and work schedule can help to keep yourself on track. Syncing exercise plans with friends or family members can also help you stick to your schedule and working out with a friend can help distract you from being tired. Besides, working out together and laughing at each other’s jokes is a great way to work your abs! 

Actually planning out a written schedule (perhaps color-coded and with a variety of different fun exercises on different days) with a realistic plan and starting small can give you a boost of confidence when you can reach the goals you set and can help you exercise more successfully and consistently in the long run. Printing and posting your workout plan in your home can help remind you of your goals and keep you
accountable. Every time you check off your exercise accomplishment, you will feel proud of yourself. Building that constructive cycle of positive reinforcement is important to maintaining a long-term lifestyle change.

Workouts to do at home

After workout plans, Workout at home is good for having a healthy lifestyle in quarantine.

Quarantine lifestyle has influenced many of us to cerate our own workouts to do at home, as well as allowed us to create our own schedules and gain independence in deciding how we exercise. Although exercising at home can be a lonely endeavor, online platforms are always at our fingertips, making it easier than ever to find great home workout plans and individual exercises that can help us customize the exercises that are right for our body and that work the muscles we want to improve. 

We can use technology to educate us about fitness, provide workout ideas, make our workouts more enjoyable, maybe even entertaining, but beyond that we can use the internet to help us connect to the world and others. Through technological innovation, one is able to reach out to like-minded communities, challenges, and support systems are available for you to join and gain motivation from. With online communities, you can find a whole team of people who will cheer you on and motivate you while maintaining social distancing measures and working out at home. 


Are you ready to step up to a challenge? Check this out!



If you're interested in finding a challenge that can push you to your limits and go above and beyond what you thought possible, we encourage you to consider the InBody Challenge. With the InBody challenge, you can compete against others to reduce fat percentages while increasing muscle; the person with the greatest overall  body composition change wins!. 

Every day you can see your diet and workout progress

Through the InBody devices, you can see your body progress all of them ( Eat healthy, workout plans, and workouts at home)


Wouldn't it be incredible to see the progress of your diet and workout every day? The sense of accomplishment and rush of excitement knowing that your fat percentages are decreasing and your muscle mass is growing is something you won't want to miss out on. The hard work of organizing smarter meal plans that prioritize your health, as well as the exercise that you engaged in to achieve the muscle you are growing, all leading up to the progress itself! 



Everyday check your body at home, H20N Whole body composition analyzer & InBody app

Where previously our only options were measuring body weight or calculating a generalized and non-individualized/personalized measurement, such as BMI, this has now evolved into a modern, accurate, personalized, and transformational method. With the H20N smart weight analyzer analyzer, body composition analysis is now possible at home. 

With the ability to measure body composition, i.e. percentage body fat mass, lean body mass, and others body composition elements, you can measure your health and wellness progress as it happens and as you see yourself changing in the mirror into a healthier, stronger you. With InBody technology, quick and accurate testing can actually measure, and not just estimate, your full body composition, and will automatically connect this information to your InBody app via Bluetooth technology.

You can even link your InBody data to other linked InBody H20N products. Not only that, but you can engage in some friendly competition with others by sharing your results and creating a community banded together, working hard and staying strong.

With the synced data from you H20N device, you can see your progress graphed in convenient and easy-to-read layouts as well as get personalized and accurate analysis of results. It is the best way to measure how far you've come and feel more accomplished knowing that you are measuring the right kind of progress and moving closer each day towards the body and lifestyle you have always dreamed of achieving.



Min Kim, MD

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