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Clean Water

Why do people drink filtered water? Simply because filtered water is much purer, cleaner, and tastier than unfiltered water. It has few impurities, chemicals, or contaminants. Then what about showers and bath water?

Can you trust the tap water used at home?

Showering in Chlorinated Water

Showering accounts for more than half of our daily chlorine exposure. Although chlorine acts as a water disinfectant, this chemical is irritable for human skin and lungs.

Our skin is chlorine-absorbent. When you take a shower, heat opens up your pores, allowing chlorine from the water and steam to absorb into your skin. Since chlorinated water has oxidizing effects, it can cause problematic skin conditions as well as irritant dermatitis. And when bonded with the proteins in our skin and hair, chlorine makes our hair brittle and dry, and causes our skin to itch, dry out, and age prematurely. It damages your follicles, by stripping away the thin protective layer of oil called "sebum" from your skin and hair, leaving your skin and hair vulnerable to damage.

Not only that… when chlorine is vaporized in the shower, it is inhaled into our lungs and directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Fortunately, chlorine can be removed from bath water using a variety of water filtration systems. This starts with shower filters.


How much do you know about your pipe system?

Tap water enters your home through water pipes. Rusty water pipes will degrade the quality of the water you receive. Depending on the sanitary condition of the pipes in your home, heavy metals, rusts, and impurities can enter the tap water that you use at home.


Our Bodies Want Cleaner Water

BODYLUV vita puresome shower filter head

The product I will introduce today is the Bodyluv Puresome Vita Filter Shower.

The shower head is made from microfiber polypropylene and effectively eliminates up to 99% of harmful dust, impurities, and rust in tap water. It uses a pure filter, which is designed with micro sediment filters with fine fiber tissue and also used for water purifiers. The "vita filter" built into the shower head part removes residual chlorine and adds vitamin C and four kinds of scents including pacific ocean, mandarin tea, and bittersweet mugwort.

With this double filtering, the product removes heavy metal, rusts, impurities, and even fine particles in the water pipe.


Product Features

BODYLUV vita puresome shower filter set Ver.2
  • Removes impurities with double filters
  • Healthy skin with vitamins
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Good product composition for 6 months
  • Fresh shower time with incense added


Pure Showers for the Family

If having better quality water is important to you, the simplest solution is the shower filter.

The Bodyluv Puresome Shower is the best shower filter for

  • Soft and vibrant skin and hair
  • Reduced skin dryness

Limit the exposure of harmful chemicals in tap water for your loved ones. Puresome Shower softens and purifies shower water to make the skin and hair of your family smoother and softer . Have a fresh shower with incense added, massage-like function, good water pressure, and water saving effects.


You won't have to worry about bathing or showering in unfiltered water any longer.

It is simple to have clean, pure, sparkling water for healthy showers by installing the shower filter. The Puresome Filter is particularly good at filtering chlorine and other contaminants out of tap water.

Remember that showering in unfiltered water exposes you to chlorine and exposes you to vaporized chemicals. Enjoy a spa-like shower experience at home with healthy, filtered water!


About the Company

Blank Corporation's lifestyle brand Bodyluv has released the product "Vita Puresome Shower." The company focuses on premium daily necessities that are convenient, and aims to create consumer consensus on consumption replacement and investment, and to propose a clean lifestyle. Their website sells a variety of daily life products. Their Bodyluv waterline product is popular on SNS with the groundbreaking idea of taking a shower with clean water.


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