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Sound familiar? Pandemic & Life

 A girl is looking out the window in the Pandemic Era.

At the beginning of this pandemic, it was just another shared news clipping meant to frighten us into clicking on the new site, or a warning we received via messenger from our grandma who always worries for us with every little spec of news she sees no matter how silly or lacking in credibility. We may have rolled our eyes at her once again scaring us for nothing, or perhaps it made our stomach churn in worry for those far from our own doorstep. As the fears grew, we may have found ourselves anxious and skeptical of everything, going about our day with the tickle of worry gnawing at the back of our brain like a mouse scratching in the back of a cupboard. But even still, we imagined our lives would only change in the temporary, that the fight against a deadly virus was one that may not taint our small circle of the world with the inky stain of tragedy, that if we were but careful for a while things would sort themselves out as they always do.


Why are we living in a bad apocalypse film?

There are a lot of people with coronavirus.
A woman looking out the window wanting to go outside in the days of Covid-19

As tensions rose and what seemed like a far-away, even fascinating and intriguing apocalyptic scare like something out of a zombie film, became reality, and it began to crawl its ugly carcass closer and closer to home. We may have curled ourselves into a ball at night an d feared the unknown, obsessed for hours a day over news articles bombarding our tired and stressed minds with a plethora of conflicting advice on how to stay safe and keep our loved ones from harm.  Days of quarantine in our pajamas avoiding that coworker we hate as we tried to use technology in whole new ways, turned into months of working at home, celebrating holidays and events overZoom,fearing every surface when we were forced to go out for groceries, wondering how our exercise routine would make a grand comeback, and unease rearing its ugly head.

A woman is working from home while having a video conference.

Will it ever get back to normal? : new normal

A woman waiting at the airport for a pandemic
Now is the era when people have to wear face masks even on the subway.

And then months turned into over a year. A year in which we learned to coincide with our worry, walk hand-in-hand with constant consternation, a year in which we learned that the very act of staying in the home that felt as if the walls were closing in meant saving lives. It was a year in which our clothes seemed to shrink (or at least that’s how I choose to see it and the place which we once sought as refuge, an oasis away from the stress of the office… became the office. The very word ‘home’ seems redefined. It was a year in which we missed our friends and mourned our social lives. A year in which we wondered when we’ll ‘get back to normal’ and experienced slow burn and denial-invoking trend of calling things the ‘new normal’

The truth is, the world has changed. But with it, so have you.


Because of the coronavirus, they do not watch movies in the theater and are watching at home.

Things can't get worse....they can only get better.

 The corona vaccine is currently being vaccinated in many people.

You may have found yourself spending months asking “when will this pandemic finally end?” and how might you survive until then. When a vaccine may swoop in, heal, bring back the way things were before. But in reality our lives may never look the same, and in time you have come to not only accept this as truth, but to start to realize that there are some upsides to this adapted lifestyle even though so much havoc has been wreaked in the outside world. Vaccines are popping up and at long last becoming more available to those who need it most and eventually to everyone. With a newfound hope of improvement and the possibility of vaccine passports and other hopeful breakthroughs in the COVID19 situation, you’ve still found that cultivating your independence, dealing with your mental health in self-sufficient manners, devoting time to administer a little self-care. You’ve learned to care for your skin and grooming practices on your own, and even to care for your life’s rhythm and your own life routine. You’ve learned the importance of investing in your home to make it the most versatile and convertible space possible. You’ve learned the importance of investing in yourself.

Despite Covid-19, a woman is resting at home.

Isn't it time you give yourself some credit?

 In the Pandemic era, they do yoga and workout at home.

That's right. It’s high time you awarded yourself some much-deserved credit for all you’ve been through.

And perhaps even more importantly, it’s about time you recognized all you’ve overcome and learned to live with, learned even to thrive with, when in the beginning you felt it was impossible to carry on in this state of global hardship. The journey to the office and the focus you trained yourself to delve into in that space has for so long been forfeited, but it hasn’t meant the end of your focus. You have learned to convert your precious home space, in which perhaps you once merely ate and slept (on occasion), into everything from a gym to a workspace to a small-gathering socialization hub.

Perhaps you are thinking “no, I haven’t managed that yet” but you are on the way to getting there slowly. You’ve come further than you realize. What was, in the beginning of the pandemic, like a prison in your own mind now represents the opportunity to be a place of many possibilities. The space you have, no matter the size, can be groomed by you to transform each area and convert it into all necessities.

How can we take back control?

 Because of the coronavirus, personal hygiene must be thoroughly taken at home.

You may not have control over the outside world that once awarded you so many comforts, adventures, and chances for fresh air, but what you can control is your immediate area, your own space. Furniture can be rearranged to create a new and fresh feeling when you start the day of work, a clean and minimalistic space. Your place of rest can be converted into a functional utopia, and productivity can skyrocket once you manage to delve into the right mind-space inspired by your improved surroundings. Added comfort can increase your mental experience even when working. When the work day is over, you can retreat to a different area of the house or rearrange your space to, albeit it subliminally, emulate cozy comfort so you can contentedly watch a movie or catch some much-needed blinks of sleep. Not only that, but with a little decoration and a lot of spirit, your place can convert into even aSaint Patties Day Zoom eventhall in which you can drink to your heart’s content and chase the loneliness away with the laughter of your friends echoing from the speakers.

Boldnine’s promise to you

Boldnine is a shopping mall that brings back the daily lives of people who have been exhausted from corona.

Our lives and the very manner in which we live have changed due toCOVID-19 and all the many repercussions it has thrust into our lives, and those hardships became a new normal. We atboldninewanted to create a shopping mall that reflects our own lifestyle, one that is changing along with the world and morphing into a new realm of possibilities. We aim to carefully select products that will help make their lives more personalized, more convenient, and enjoyable. We propose innovative solutions to your problems and help you transform that which you can control, your immediate surroundings, and help your home feel like the convertible, functional place that you once relied on the outside world to fulfill for you.

What's the shortcut to finding the right lifestyle changes?

Boldnine operates monthly picks and blogs to introduce products.

As we mentioned earlier, home convertibility and a cultivated ability to adapt and self-sufficiently overcome hardships can make or break one's sanity in the world's situation. With **Boldnine's Monthly Pick,** we bring you the best suggestions for products to improve your home surroundings and create a convenient way for you to find the new technology you've been missing out on. We've done the brunt of the work for you, searching out the best products and suggesting them to you. With our magazine, we suggest lifestyle changes and give you the advice and validation for your life's problems, as well as give our best shot at taking on the burden.

Boldnine's Hope


We hope Boldnine would not be just a shopping mall that sells products for your lifestyle but wish it to become a lifestyle guide for you. Ultimately, we hope our customers to experience a new way of life through our shopping mall.



Min Kim, MD

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