What is the InBody?

Body composition and professional body measuring results at home. 

With COVID -19, Body composition and professional body measuring results at home.

Recently, people have been concentrating more on their health. Limited outdoor activities, though they are a result of lock downs that protect our health by keeping us from spreading COVID-19, are leading our bodies down another dire path, as apathy sets in and our health is jeopardized in yet a different way. Lack of even the usual walk to work or trip outside to see your friends, closed gyms, the temptation to snack while stuck at home all day, and lack of oxygen circulation create a vicious cycle of lethargy. With COVID-19, you have a plethora of considerations that circulate in your mind, and you question how you might shape your life to new restrictions. At the end of the day, self care and your overall health need careful consideration in times like these.

BMI vs. Body Composition

Body composition, what is the difference with the BMI. BMI vs Body Composition.

You have probably heard about body fat percentages, wondered about your body's muscle, and considered healthy lifestyle choices.

You may have even walked past a mirror or seen a picture of yourself every now and then, and considered that your body may look better if you lost weight. For as long as we can remember, losing weight has been drilled into our minds as something we should worry about, but recent health trends have shown that people are beginning to realize that BMI doesn't tell the whole story.

What is the BMI?

Concepts of BMI : a simple calculation of how our weight compares relevant to our height.

BMI (a.k.a. Body Mass Index) gives us a simple calculation of how our weight compares relevant to our height, often ignoring stature, muscle percentages, bone mass, and other physical characteristics. It is a non - individualized way averages utilizing rigid parameters, categorized as too high, too low, or good enough. With BMI as the only consideration, many body builders, for example, with superb musculature and low body fat would be considered overweight,or even obese ,and recommeded to lose weight. Conversely, the frail and out of shape may be considered healthy despite the reality.

How does the focus on BMI affect our priorities? Clearly, our priorities may have been in the wrong place for too long. Simply starving oneself of calories or going on crash diets just to look thinner is something many of us hope to leave behind in the modern day. As the very meanings of self care, self love, and a redefining of the ideal body are undergoing changes, so too is our understanding of how to improve our physical health. We are starting to truly recognize that managing  our weight alone isn't always the best option, and that a healthy muscle/ fat balance will provide a healthy, energetic kick to our step and help make us happier, healthier, and more attractive to others.

So if not our weight, how can we measure our progress in a healthier way? How can we track body fat, muscle, and other important metrics? To answer this, BMI is left behind in favor of body composition.

What is body composition?

Body composition is defined by its measurement of separate components of the body's configuration : fat mass vs. fat - free mass. Fat tissue in your body known as fat mass is considered separately from everything else, which includes muscles, bones, organs, water weight, and other non- fat elements. The understanding of body composition is important because if fat mass is decreasing at the same time that other mass (namely muscle) is increasing, a change in weight may be undetectable. 

Although weight may have been an obsession, or at least consideration, to us in the past, many people are looking for more detailed answers and measuring  body composition while working towards their dream body. Many times, exercising and making healthy changes may exhibit no change in our weight ; body composition can help us understand the impact of our efforts and what our body is now made up of as we change for the better.


Why should we focus more on body composition?

If you are gaining muscle and losing weight, then measuring body composition and focusing on your fat percentage is the way to go. Though it is slightly more difficult to measure than BMI, body composition paints a clearer picture of your health by shifting the focus of your priorities. Focusing on improving your body composition can make immense changes in your life.

Why should you choose the InBody?

Although InBody devices and products can be commonly found in gyms and  hospitals, InBody offers home-use models for added convenience.  InBody devices accurately track changes in fat mass and muscle mass, and provide accurate measurements of your overall body composition.

Compared with scales and other devices that help you measure only BMI, body composition scales are superior. But even among of body composition scales,  InBody devices are considered among the top in their category when comparing product, quality, features, and accuracy. Its higher price as compared to cheaper counterparts, is due to the sheer number of sophisticated calculation technological capabilities. BIA, which stands for bioelectrical impedance analysis, is a method of measuring the composition of the body using resistance and reactance mechanisms. InBody devices represent some of the best ways to measure BIA and have added countless improvements to traditional BIA technology. InBody devices do not use estimations to measure your body composition nor require empirical equations to approximate  body composition based on age, ethnicity, or gender. Instead, InBody devices directly measure your impedance and water distribution to provide you with your own individualized results.

Still need convincing? For more information on the incredible capabilities and technology, you can visit our InBody technology  page to learn more.

Key features of InBody

InBody official website - USA

InBody's featured elements help to represent its superior capabilities and  technology. Check out some of the key features that make it stand out and improve on previous technology.

Clinically Proven Accuracy

InBody devices are among the most accurate and precise body composition devices on the market. InBody devices have been used in over 2,500 clinical studies worldwide, and are trusted by health and wellness professionals, not to mention countries home - users, - across the globe. 

Seamless Testing

InBody makes  health technology accessible for everyone, by bringing the  experience of professional health monitoring equipment into your own home and without the need for years of medical or personal training experience and expertise. Testing on InBody devices is easy, quick, and non-invasive for an effortless and efficient experience and accurate and easy-to-read measurements.

Advanced Insights

The InBody's ability to draw deep insights is widely recognized. With InBody technology individuals are able to better understand their health and educate and empower themselves to have more control over their health and wellness in the long run while gaining a healthier way of evaluating their bodies.



Min Kim, MD

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