In the Era of "New Normal", Is There a Way to Protect Your Health?

The Home Fitness Equipment that will Help us stay Active

The home fitness equipment for workouts to do at home

Whether it's viruses, weight issues, dieting, or various home training methods, health is at the top of our minds and is becoming a decidedly more important part of our lives.

Did you know that quarantine life has created a home training and health trend?

These days, people are worrying not only about the COVID-19 disease itself, but are also realizing that they are gaining more weight or losing muscle mass with too much time spent at home, making diet and workouts to do at home key issues.

With this in mind, what are some different ways can we manage our health?

Boldnine offers a new method for safe and systematic health management using the keywords 'home training and health'.

1. What if your body weight doesn't tell the whole story? Focus instead on the balance of fat and muscle.

The InBody H20N Whole Body Composition Analyzer is the best body composition device.

H20N Whole Body Composition Analyzer | InBody

Have you seen body composition analysis machines used in gyms or hospitals? It is a machine that can check muscle, fat, weight, etc. all at once. This same process can be done at home with the InBody machine. In Korea, this machine is already so popular that the brand name itself, 'InBody', has replaced the term for body composition scales.

Since it is a machine that can periodically check your internal body composition during a home training regimen, this body composition scale can be used to systematically check progress and monitor health. It's safe to say that in this day and age, this machine should be considered an essential.


If InBody checks our body more accurately, workouts to do at home

The InBody H20N can purpose your workout, workouts to do at home.
InBody H20N checks our body more accurately with the InBody app.

There are many different purposes for which people work out: building muscle, posture correction, diet, health care, etc.

To match with these various goals, different ways of exercising can be used. The following are an introduction to some great ways to maximize the purpose of your workout.

2. What about challenging yourself to get a six-pack using muscle stimulation? 

Another hot item is the EMS, Real EMS is the best Electric Muscle Stimulator

Electric Muscle Stimulator Real EMS | Ion International

Another hot item is the EMS, the Electric Muscle Stimulator

Want to build a six pack through your own home-training routine? A muscle stimulation device can maximize the effect of your exercise.

You've made plans to do exercise at home, but it never quite happens the way you hoped it would, does it? Simply by using the EMS on your abdomen, your desire to exercise will increase. The muscle massage effect simulates the feeling of exercising even when sitting still, so if you exercise, the effect could even be felt twofold.

In most cases, EMS machines come with the added hassle of having to frequently change the pads, but this product sticks with just a simple act of spraying with water, making it the best muscle stimulator both economically and functionally.


3. Various exercises, including yoga and pilates, can be performed for exercise and posture correction effects.

 If you are interested in correcting your posture more, Balance Nap is the best item.

Balance Nap Body Stretcher | Master fit

Rather than focusing on building muscles, maybe you are more interested in correcting your posture. If you prefer a tad more tranquil form of exercise such as yoga or pilates, you might want to investigate the best posture corrector methods.

Just by the simple act of utilizing posture correction exercises, it's possible to grow even as much as 2cm (more than 1/2 an inch) taller. From this knowledge alone, it's easy to see how important posture correction exercise can be.

This posture corrector device is intended to help you revise the way you align your body and improve your exercise routine.

People of all age and gender who exercise with this device can benefit from its positive properties, resting assured that stiff back problems from years of using poor posture will start to be attended to and hunched-over neck alignment will be improved.


4. What if just a change in your wrist grip could increase the effectiveness of exercise and reduce injuries?

Overmax Exercise Bar Grips increase the effectiveness of exercise and reduce injuries

Overmax Exercise Bar Grips | JK Industry

Whether it's weight lifting, deadlifting or the like, if you are looking to do upper body exercise like a professional, the workout grip is an excellent recommendation.

In the process of lifting fitness equipment or using your body weight for strength building, it helps to support the wrist joint, not to mention ultimately improve the your technique by improving the bond between hand and equipment. Whenever you are exercising with heavy equipment, it's important to pay careful attention to your wrist's mobility and support mechanism by using a proper grip on the machines.


5. Men who exercise, pay attention!! The harmony of movement and style, athleisure fashion

The harmony of daily look and gym wear, the sports shorts for MEN.

Sports Shorts for MEN | boldnine

Aerobic, weight, posture correction; no matter the exercise, comfort is a must. You may have heard that sports leggings are the way to go, but are you feeling overwhelmed with choices? Try to exercise more efficiently through an athleisure fashion that enhances freedom of movement and comfort and makes use of style.

Integrated with compression shorts, it not only maximizes convenience when exercising, but also sets a new standard for gym wear with its clean design, making it a comfortable daily look.

6. While you relax your body, what about managing your eye exhaustion as well?

After exercising, Relaxing is important. Eye massage can help you.

Eye care massager | Deepth

It's a familiar concept for your body to be sore from exercise, but it's not so very different that your eyes are driven to the point of exhaustion while working from home, using a computer, or using a smartphone all day. You can relieve eye strain with an eye massager. In addition to the rejuvenating massage function that feels just like hand rubbing, your body will melt like chocolate into relaxation with the safe and gentle warming effect of the graphene heating plate.

With a single button, you can maximize relaxation and even make calls, use YouTube, or listen to music through the Bluetooth connection. Why not kill two birds, massage and relaxation, with one stone?

7. As the pandemic persists, masks are a must-have item.

Exercising and Relaxing are related to health. Masks are a must-have item for your health.

Mask | Honest

As our lifestyles have been flipped sideways and melded into a 'new normal', it seems we can't escape Covid19's impact. In the spirit of overcoming Corona, we prepared a washable mask with a built-in filter.

With a washable outer fabric layer and inner filter, this mask seems to be born of cost efficiency, performance, and sustainability.

A certified and well-trusted product in Korea, this mask is no doubt a must-have.



Min Kim, MD

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