Can I upgrade my work-from-home environment?

Everyone has imagined, "What if I had this?"

In a quarantine situation, we spend a lot of time in our personal space.

Working from home may be a necessity, but it is difficult and frustrating to work in a space usually reserved for resting. Since we spend all day at home and unable to go out freely, we find ourselves unable to work or relax effectively. How can we achieve a smarter and more comfortable life in such a situation?


Boldnine suggests 8 ways to help you relax while working from home and achieve comfortable rest.

More flexible and convenient ways to work from home

1. Work comfortably anywhere. Whether it's a sofa or a desk, you can work anywhere you want.

Height-adjustable desk of Boldnine helps me work from home anywhere
Height-adjustable desk l Boldnine

When you work at home for a long time, your work efficiency decreases.

Instead of making your work room or desk suitable as a working environment, why not make your desired space better for concentration? By simply adjusting the height, even a sofa or a bed can become your work space. If you adjust the desk to fit your height while sitting in a chair, you can also improve your posture and protect your back! You can even work while standing up to increase your concentration!


2. Fill the space with relaxing and cozy music.

Bluetooth speaker of Welle allows me to listen to music anywhere in the house.
Bluetooth speaker l Welle

What if you could listen to high-quality music from your phone, anywhere in your house? What if there was a way to play music to help you concentrate better and you could control it from anywhere? Of course, this speaker has good sound quality and volume, not to mention that it can even act as an interior item to set things on. And when you need to charge your phone, just set it on the table. It will charge via the wireless charging function.


3. Have you ever tried a dual wireless charger that allows you to charge your phone just by putting it down?

Dual wireless charger of Oddict can charges my phone and AirPods at the same time.
Dual wireless charger l Oddict

Isn't it annoying to plug in or remove your charger while you're trying to work? Just set your device on top to charge, and you can even charge two devices at the same time. Not only that, but it will help change your desk, currently a mess of tangled wires, into a space that is neatly and conveniently organized in a sensible and simple design. Once you start using it, you will become addicted to this little extra comfort.


4. If your seat is cold, warm it up with an electric heating pad.

Electric heating pad of INKO allows you to sit in a warm place when working at home.
Electric heating Pad l Inko

Don't you hate working long hours in a cold chair? How about an electric heating pad that will give your seat a soft warmth? A warm environment helps blood circulation and improves concentration. No need to worry about safety as this product has been tested for safety.


How to improve sleep quality

Many people suffer from sleep deprivation or sleep disorders because their work and rest spaces are in the same place. We're here to help you to solve this.

5. Let us introduce you to a sleep lamp used by astronauts.

IOT sleep lights of Bodeepsleep helps me get a good night's sleep.
IOT sleep lights l Bodeepsleep

Did you know that lighting is important for regular sleep habits? LED sleep lights reminiscent of natural light will greet you at bedtime and when you wake up. Experience a miracle morning as it adjusts from soft to bright light. You can set the alarm to bird or nature sounds for a more refreshing morning.


6. Spray aroma scent on your bedside to improve sleep quality.

Pillow mist of Bodeepsleep is a product that I spray on my pillow so I can get a good night's sleep.
Pillow mist ㅣBodeepsleep

You probably know that aroma is good for mental health and relaxation, but more specifically, Valerian aroma is known for helping you sleep. Spray a mist like Valerian aroma, made from 5 scents, on your pillow and fall asleep surrounded by aroma. As it is a mist that is harmless to the skin, it can be used on pajamas or sleeping masks that come into contact with the skin as well as pillows and bedding. It has deodorizing and antibacterial functions, so it can be used as a room spray too. Try changing the scent of your home.


7. Let us introduce an item that only a few people know about. The incense holder.

Woothic is the incense holder I need when doing yoga at home.
Incense holder ㅣWoothic

Speaking of scents, how familiar are you with incense holders? Incense, which started in India, the mecca of mental health, is used for yoga, and can be used before bed to help with deep sleep. Once you're addicted to the subtle and unique scent, it lingers in your mind. Since it's a handmade product, only a few are available, so try it out quickly.


Lastly, in the era of COVID 19, you should have a hand sanitizer at home, right?

 In the era of the pandemic, there should be a premium hand sanitizer at home.
Hand sanitizerㅣPlu

The above products improve quality of life, but this product is a must-have item. This 99.9% disinfecting power premium hand sanitizer is an essential item for everyone nowadays. In line with the COVID 19 era, it comes in a large size so it will last you a long time. Why not grab one?



Min Kim, MD

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