What is Platform.K doing?

Platform.K aspires to fulfill the needs of Koreans living in the U.S. by promoting Korean products.
We collaborate with various influencers to present time attack sales. Our time deals offer products at a comfortable price to Koreans living in the U.S. who may have difficulty with purchasing.

We hope to transform Platform.K into a trendy and relevant platform for consumers following Korean trends while living abroad.


Brand identity

Platform.K differentiates itself by concentrating on Korean living/beauty categories that are difficult to find in the U.S. market.


Carefully selected top trending products

Platform.K keeps U.S. customers updated with the latest Korean trends recognizing the difficulty to shop for Korean products in the US domestic market. We want to apply Korea's rich culture and fast trends to U.S. shopping malls.


At the best price

Distance should not contribute to why products aren't being purchased.
At Platform.K, we make sure that all consumers are able purchase the products they want at the best price. So we try our best to reduce all fees in the delivery process to provide the our products at the best price. Now you can enjoy Korea's products at the easiest and most comfortable price.

Platfrom.K wants to become the best shopping service to provide consumers with the most satisfactory shopping experience.


For easier shopping process

Koreans living in the U.S. experience uncomfortable processes of purchasing Korean products even if they want to buy themselves. Platform.K can cover these shortcomings by dealing with issues such as shipping cost, customs clearance problem, high price, etc.

Shopping for Korean products should not be troublesome. Platform.K works hard to reduce the stress from searching and comparing prices of a desired product.


Our vision

Shopping Outlooks

Platform.K co-founders Peter and Julia started the company as a men's skincare brand on Amazon. Then, we focused on Korean skincare by introducing beauty branding and beauty magazines overseas as well as manufacturing and running its own factories.

In the process, we saw an opportunity to provide shopping beyond the scopes of Korean skincare. That is what brings us here today.


Future Prospects

We want to celebrate Korean culture. We aim to introduce products that appear in Korean web content, dramas, and movies to our end users. Our final goal is to provide the best service, enabling our consumers to experience Korean culture with our products.

Platform.K strives to become a marketplace leader based in Korean culture. We are working hard to become a shopping platform that leads K-cultural content to global commerce.

Asides from price benefits, Platform.K inspires to grow into a platform that provides users with shopping information and K-culture promotions.




 Peter Park, CEO