How to Use our Ordering & Package Forwarding Service

1. Chat with us

Use the service easily through chat.

Click the 'Package Forwarding Service' button.


2. Please Select a Service

We provide 2 detailed services.

1) If you can pay for Korean products yourself, click the 'Only Package Forward' Service. We will receive the products from Korea and send them to you in the US.

2) If it is difficult for you to pay for Korean products yourself, we will also help you purchase the products. Click the 'With Korean Payment' button. This service includes everything from product purchase to delivery to the US.

3) By the way, if you are worried that the cost will be too high before applying, click 'Cost estimation' button. Just give us the product link and we'll give you the exact cost.


3. Fill out the Application

Please fill out the application form with information on the product you would like to purchase.

It only takes 30-90 seconds.


4. Pay with PayPal

After you submit your application, we will send a PayPal payment request to your email. You can pay there.


5. Enjoy Your Package

It takes 7-10 days from the time you submit the application form to the completion of delivery.

We guarantee 100% your delivery and strive for a great customer experience.