We Share Korean Products

At Platform.K, we keep our consumers up-to-date with the latest Korean trends after recognizing the trouble to shop for Korean products in the U.S. market. We carefully select demanded Korean products and make it available to our consumers in the U.S.. This way you can access Korea's latest cultural and lifestyle trends all in one platform.

We offer
the best valued price

At Platform.K, we make sure that you can purchase the products you want at the most convenient price. This means cutting down international shipping fee, customer clearance issues, unreasonable prices, and so on. We do our best to reduce all fees in the delivery process so you can benefit by accessing Korea's products.

Products demanded
but unavailable
to our consumers.

We curate and source all the trendiest Korean products for you. Our platform makes Korean products available to you in the U.S.. If we missed your product, you can send a recommendation our way anytime. You do not have be troubled with purchasing Korean products on your own. We do it all for you.

Shopping made effortless

Information and content is on your side. We work hard to create the best shopping experience for you. Our notification system keeps you updated with the latest deals so that you can make shopping decisions while staying informed. We strive to create a honest and transparent platform. Have a pleasant shopping!

 Our Vision

Our History

Platform.K's co-founders Peter and Julia initially ran the company as a men's skincare brand on Amazon. They manufactured, ran their own factories, and focused on promoting Korean skincare through beauty branding and beauty magazines to overseas consumers. In the process, they saw opportunities to provide shopping beyond the scopes of Korean skincare. That is what brings us here today.

Looking Forward

We want to celebrate Korean culture with you. Platform.K strives to become a marketplace leader based in Korean culture. As a company, we strive to lead with our guiding principles and spread the experience of Korean culture through our products.

Our Future...
In the future, we plan to introduce products that appear in Korean web contents, dramas, and movies to our end users. This includes product placement information as well as continued Time Deal promotions. We are working hard to build a global commerce platform where K-culture thrives.