Vita Puresome Shower Filter Set


✔️ Will be shipped in order from July 6th 
✔️ Vita Puresome shower head + Pure Filter 3EA + Vita Filter 3EA(Pacific Ocean, Mandarin tea, Green Herbal Tea scents)
✔️ Remove impurities with double filters
✔️ Healthy skin with vitamins
✔️ Simple and easy install
✔️ Good product composition for 6months
✔️ Fresh shower time with incense added

Product name : Vita Puresome Shower Set
Size : [Vita Puresome Shower Head] 80mm(w) x 240mm(h), [Pure Filter] 22.5mm(w) x 133mm(h), [Vita Filter] 62mm(w) x 36mm(h) 
Material : [Vita Puresome Shower Head] Body - PC(Polycarbonate) / Head cab - ABS/ Spraying plate - Stainless Steel, [Vita Filter] PP
Ingredient : [Vita Filter] Vitamin C, Dextrin, Milk powder, Cactus extract, Aroma incense